The History of Luxo Illuminated Magnifiers

The history of Luxo lighting for the individual began with the development of the L-1 task light in 1937. The freedom of movement and the ability to place the light exactly where it was needed, forever changed the way task lights are used.

L-1 was designed by Luxo’s founder, the Norwegian industrialist Jac Jacobsen, and is still in production today. The lamp arm is balanced by springs that work on the action and reaction principle of human arm muscles.

Jac Jacobsen (1901-1996) was in his thirties when he launched Luxo L-1. He soon realized that his spring-arm would carry a variety of different luminaires for various purposes, including illuminated magnifiers.

Jac Jacobsen soon realized that his spring-balanced arm would carry a variety of different luminaires, including illuminated magnifiers, for numerous purposes. The decades following saw Luxo’s development of a range of illuminated magnifiers for industrial applications, electronics, therapy and cosmetology, low vision and the healthcare sector.

Modern range of arm-based magnifiers

Naturally, Luxo’s range of products has been vastly expanded since those early days. However, the philosophy and knowledge from the development of the L-1 is still maintained in all of Luxo’s modern products. Today Luxo’s range of illuminated magnifiers comprises a wide variety of arm technologies, with internal or external springs. They all have perfect balance, and careful ergonomics built into them.